05/06/2018. First look at the almost completed 1965 Corvette C2R. My friend Bill Boudreau of ZR51 Performance came by with a cool set of portable race car scales. The 1965 with about 5 gallons of fuel and no driver weighs only 2819 lbs. A stock 327/4-speed ’65 coupe weighs about 3140. My 1971 LT-1 coupe weighs 3223, and the 2001 Z06 weighs 3132.


  1. ken gowdy

    can I get a headlight kit like yours for my 65 corvette.
    Ken Gowdy

    Modifying mid-year Corvettes is not very popular, it seems. I guess they are worth too much.

    Except for the racers.

    I didn’t tear up a good car. I saved a disaster.

    Anyway, I made everything from scratch. There is no kit.

    There are lots of ways to make the headlight supports. Search for C2 Corvette race cars and you’ll find all sorts of solutions.

    I made molds for the clear covers and sent them to Mark Clapp who made the covers for me. He can make covers for you.
    The cover model extends all the way back to the rear edge of the nose. The OEM metal cover or fiberglass reproductions do not extend back that far.

    I never had the OEM headlight mechanisms to start with. I don’t know what all of that weighs, but it can’t be light. We weighed the ’65 the other day and it was only 2820.


    Headlight support:

    Cover Mold:

    Mark Clapp

  2. Mel Francis

    Congratulations Gary! Watching you bring this car through the entire process has been very inspiring. Once you have it just the way you want, perhaps mount a GoPro cam and take it for a drive, would love to see it in action…

  3. Tom Semple

    This car is beautiful. Watching the progress, with the attention to details that fit a focused intent, (in this case a driving/racing machine) has been fascinating. The car has been expertly resurfaced, probably better than new, with the exactness of a professional. The interior is clearly race inspired; spare, with proper design elements to reflect the owner/builders intent. Everything about this car looks like a designer did it. Congratulations Gary!

  4. Gorgeous work – kudos. I hope you enjoy it a lot! And, per Ruzan’s story, share it a lot!

  5. Paul Villforth

    When did you get Zora Arkus-Duntov’s signature?

  6. Paul Villforth

    You did a fine job on the car and I hope you can now enjoy owning it. Best to you.

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