04/27/2018. I never had any windshield or backlite polished moldings. The windshield uses a gasket, and looks OK like a race car without the moldings. The factory glued in the backlites, and I had no idea how to properly accomplish that, nor did I have a good solution to finish the gap left by the absence of a molding between the glass and the surrounding body. I should mention that backlite moldings are not reproduced and finding a nice set of OEM moldings is nearly impossible. I had good luck a couple of years ago with Safelite and had the email address of the manager in Scottsdale. I emailed him. A few days later the assistant manager (Scott Blair) contacted me and set up a time to come out to my home and look at the project. Long story short, he decided that gluing the backlite in was the way to go. Then a week later he came by again with a rubber molding (used for the windshield of a Ford Aerostar) that fit pretty well to hide the gap. I was extremely impressed with Scott and the two technicians that came out with him, Jason Budzinsky and Jordan Acuna.


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    Thanks for posting this.

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