Dean’s Garage Book

As many of you know, I’m working on a book commemorating ten years of Dean’s Garage that will also include new unpublished content. What started out as a printed compilation of content from the site has morphed into a treasury of memories and accounts from many designers and others. The book is in its final design phase.

Last month I visited with a representative from GM’s Heritage Operations (Archives). A visit to the Heritage Center followed the next day and I took ten GBs of photos. Way-over-the-top-too-cool. The highlight for me was a reunion with the car that started my design career, the Monza GT. The first time I laid eyes on that car was in 1964 on display at the Riverside International Raceway.


General Motors Heritage Center

This gallery has a collection of photos taken at the Heritage Center.

Many thanks to the representatives of GM that were very gracious and accommodating.


  1. Not sure if this is a treasure trove or Nirvana. What a fantastic gallery Dean! Thanks for all the hard work.

  2. Gary
    Wonderful photo record of GM Designs/Stylings very best! Thanks for sharing…
    JohnM. Mellberg

  3. Very much looking forward to the new book…

  4. WOW, Gary,
    Looking forward to the book, thanks for the heritage center highlights.
    Dick Ruzzin

  5. David McIntosh

    Great stuff Gary. I especially enjoyed seeing you by my favorite GM design, the Monza GT. Looking forward to your book.

  6. John Barbour

    What a collection – a real treat to see. I also love the Monza GT Coupe – one of my favorite all-time designs. I had the thrill of getting a ride in it at the GM proving grounds when I was there as a regional award winner with the Fischer Body Craftsman’s Guild in 1965. (That 1965 car is now on exhibit at the Gilmore Museum – an exhibit worth seeing at a must- visit car museum!)

  7. Andrew Minney

    Great pictures and looking forward to seeing the book!

  8. Marc Haller

    I love the photos. I hate the lighting. I’m dying for captions.

  9. john manoogian

    Gary, thanks for posting these great photos. Congratulations on the forthcoming book. There is a real need for such a publication.

  10. David Crook

    Dave Crook
    Thanks for posting Gary, brought back many memories of my time at G M Styling.

  11. Gary,
    When can you give us details about your books first availability? I’m sure we’re all eager to purchase one from you! Thanks…


    John M. Mellberg

  12. Thanks Gary for the great pictures of some of my favorite cars. Looking forward to your book. When and where can I purchase it?

  13. What a great photographic overview of what this ‘fantasy island’ consists of! Dean, great news on the new book; definitely getting a copy once it’s available. Many thanks for the work you put into this tour. The collection actually has car I was not aware it had. I have to make the trip up there one day. Thank you once again!

  14. Charles Pleier

    Looking forward to the book! Any news?

  15. Jay S

    I saw many of these in the metal/fiberglas when Design Center opened its doors to the public for the Eyes on Design show in 2003. I even got a ride in Harley Earl’s LeSabre. What a spectacular experience for anyone loving design and design history!

    How about doing it again, GM? If I can, I’ll be first in line for the tickets.

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