David McIntosh’s career at General Motors Design spanned nearly forty years, from 1964 to 2003. Many important transitions took place during that time frame that would forever alter the way cars are designed, and David saw them all. David currently is the Administrator for the League of Retired Designers.

Education and GM Career

  • BPA, Art Center College of Design, Los Angeles, California, 1964
  • Design Development (Bill Porter, Bob Verizer); V-16 Coupe
  • Advanced Design One (Ned Nickels); 1970 Corvair facelift
  • Buick Production (Don Lasky); 1969 B-C program, 1970 Riveria and Skylark facelifts
  • Advanced Design (Dick Finnegan); Coupe concepts, Corvette aero study model
  • Advanced Design One (Bill Porter); 1978 Pontiac Grand Prix and 1981 Firebird concepts, Monte Carlo and LeSabre wheels
  • Advanced Design Two (Dave North, Kip Wasenko, Clark Lincoln); promoted to Assistant Chief Designer; Buick Reatta concept to production,
  • Saturn coupe full-size model, Buick Wildcat concept car details
  • Chevrolet Two (Dick Ruzzin, Ted Schroeder); Chevrolet and Geo concepts, F-based Monte Carlo program, 1991 Monte Carlo show car, 1995 Lumina and Monte Carlo production programs
  • Cadillac Production (Dennis Little); Cadillac production programs
  • Opel Design, Russelsheim, Germany; 2000 Catera Facelift
  • 15 Year Cadillac Vision Studio (Kearns); Stategize and visualize the future of Cadillac, XLR 2-seat proposals, SRX Crossover design proposals, CTS full-size model
  • Speed Vision Group (Baker); Define and visualize design cues for GM brands
  • 2001 Van/Lamda Studio (Folden); Facelift van (4 divisions), Lamda concepts

Advanced Design 1973–1980


Advanced Design 1980–1985


Buick Reatta


Advanced One Scale Models


Buick Production 1966–69


15-Year Cadillac Vision Studio




Chevy I


Chevy Production


2001 Van/Lamda Studio




    What a great guy to work with, one with many talents beyond design. Looking through his work I am really drawn to the period where his expressions of simple and elegant shapes are so cleverly combined and executed.

    Dave and I worked together for a time in Chevrolet Two Studio as he came in to help us finish the APV and the Caprice. We had a lot of car lines and it was a very busy place. Always upbeat, Dave was anxious to contribute and would offer a wide selection of solutions for any design problem. He had the ability of being an individual contributor and a team player. A great person Dave was well liked by the studio personnel as well as management. Quick with a laugh he always saw the bright side of any situation.


  2. John M. Mellberg


    You’re a great talent!

    Thanks for sharing the many fine examples of your beautiful work across the time of your career. So much to appreciate and learn from seeing this. Hope todays new
    automotive designers take a close look at the beautiful, clean forms/shapes and visual continuity…

    John M. Mellberg

  3. Larry Faloon

    Hello Gary

    Thanks so much for bringing some much deserved recognition to the designers who made GM Design the powerhouse that it was during those years. Dean’s Garage is the very best designer-oriented site on the web. It tells the designer’s stories and shows examples of their work in a simple, direct format that all of us can enjoy.

    Best….. Larry

  4. Bob Marcks

    Hi David and Gary,

    Thanks to you both for presenting this impressive portfolio of designs. I’m very familiar with the handsome lead drawing. I recall that it received an award in the catalog of the SOCIETY OF ART CENTER ALUMNI, Ninth Annual International Exhibition 1978, Category: Transportation Design Production vehicle, for his Pontiac proposal (catalog photo # 200).
    The image is still vivid, as the Experimental Product on the adjacent page (catalog photo # 201) was my U. S. Government Department of Energy Turbine Chrysler, a LeBaron coupe I restyled to reflect a new generation of turbine design.
    Thanks for the memory, a blast from the past!

  5. David Mcintosh

    Thanks Gary for showing my work. It’s an honor to be on your site. Thanks for the comments. I enjoy seeing other designers work as well. Design has really changed these last couple of years and this site shows the transition to different philosophies and customer needs. Glad to be here.

  6. David Mcintosh

    Thanks to Susan Scaarsgard and GMArchives for recording my work. Thanks GMPhotography for a great job

  7. Roy Lonberger


    Great to see your exciting body of work over a period of time. The Firebird concept was especially appealing. Always found you creative, positive, and a great team player.


  8. john manoogian

    You were an inspiration for all of us at GM Design. Working with you and the rest of the Adv,1 team under Bil Porter was my first experience at GM. I’ll never forget it.
    Well done.

    john manoogian

  9. Great body of work, everything from exotic sports to production vans – always done with the utmost creativity! I worked with Dave before I left GM in 1980 so some of the work was familiar. On the other hand, I had never seen the later work – and it is even more incredible!
    Congratulations, David, on a great career.

  10. Bill Kirtley

    Congratulations on a great body of work. I remember in grade school, and I believe it started in the first grade, that you were designing cars. It is great to see how your passion developed into a great career and a legacy for others to admire. You are a very fortunate man to have lived your life doing what you passionately love.
    Bill Kirtley

  11. All those cars we watched you design through 12 years of ElHi served you well. What a wonderful life doing what one loves, and doing it very well. Congratulations on well -deserved recognition.

  12. Lynn Osterkamp

    Congratulations David. You always were a great designer. I remember all those sets you and Jan Field designed for our Rose Curtain Players shows. How wonderful to have been able to use your talent for many years in such an exciting job.

  13. Stan Kohn

    Thanks for the amazing work that you did on the Reatta. I have owned two, currently have a pristine 90 Convertible as part of my Buick collection. Your creation still causes many head turns as we drive down the road on a perfect sunny day!
    Stan Kohn

  14. Ryan

    WOW the X320 coupe and convertible were pretty sweet!!! Never knew the mocked them up. All the sketches were really great!

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