Bonneville will Never be the Same.

In September 2019 the Cyclops Racing Team showed up in force at Bonneville. Racers and spectators were astounded when Jack Englehardt’s entry was clocked at a blazing 17.4-mph, which was smashed by Glenn Thomas with a phenomenal 20.5-mph!
Within the Cyclops-shaped hospitality tent, Cyclops builders/owners/drivers toasted the victories beneath the official Cyclops moosehead. This was just part of the merriment enjoyed in the tent over the three race days.

Cyclops Racing Team:  Glenn Thomas, Jack Englehardt, Kelvin Merne, and Jim Duconing,


  1. Funny this appeared now. I just read the Stan Mott account of his Cyclops adventure in your book. He’s a guy I would enjoy knowing.

  2. We’ve been waiting for this for thirty plus years, so pleased to see our dreams come true! Will the Cyclops Team be back on the salt again this year to best your world records? Love the cars, love the tent – all in all a Great Team!

  3. Norman

    LeMans next, I hope? Is there a relative of T. Tom Meshingear to be a part of the Team?

  4. Dave Smith

    How fast did the Cyclops Police Interceptor reach?


    I love it!

    I have been a Cyclops fan since first seeing this sensational machine as a concept in Road & Track Magazine sometime in the 1950s when I was a design student.

    Someone should do a scale model, maybe a magazine page cut-out.

    Thank you Gary for bringing this great story to us!
    Dick Ruzzin

  6. Stan Mott

    Cyclops won the 1960 Le Mans placing 1, 2, 3. All recorded in the esteemed August 1960 issue of Road & Track magazine. But if we here in Automobili Cyclops SpA are in the mood we might give it another shot.

    Regarding Cyclops’ massively successful 2019 invasion of Bonneville, we intend to make it an annual affair. We have a number of secret projects in the works to greatly enhance the Salt Lakes Racing Association’s 2020 World of Speed event this coming September 11/14. Stay tuned!

  7. Glenn Thomas

    The Cyclops Police Interceptor was a body transplant that Kelvin just completed before taking to Bonneville. He took the one he built, a few years ago, and mounted the body on an ATV. Dave, to answer your question, I’m not sure since he did not get timed, but I did ride with him, on the flats, and I’m guessing we were topping 30. That was quick enough for me. Sitting that high and going that speed was a little scary.

  8. Stan Mott

    I have received word from Cyclops enthusiasts who can’t seem to locate Cyclops dealerships to buy a Cyclops in order to join the 2nd Cyclops invasion of Bonneville this coming September 11/14.

    I know the feeling. I’ve had problems myself locating Cyclops dealerships over the last 64 years.

    The solution of course is to build your own Cyclops! Construction details can be found on the internet by typing in “build your own Cyclops amazon”.

    See you at Bonneville!

    Stan Mott
    Minister of Propaganda
    Automobili Cyclops SpA

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