Stan Mott’s Cyclops at the Woodward Dream Cruise—with video!

“The day of the Woodward Dream Cruise is the only day of the year that you can walk from Ferndale to Pontiac across the hoods Chevelles and Camaros and never have your feet touch the ground.”—Dave Lyon

Amid the thousands of idling, overheating muscle cars making their slow, 16-mile progression, one participant stood out of the crowd.

Glen Thomas brought his Cyclops.

The car was a real crowd pleaser.

Glen brought his red souped-up Cyclops RS to the event. It has a go-kart-type suspension, larger tires, 6.5 HP engine with a torque converter. Good for 30–35 MPH!

Glen set up the Cyclops display (consisting of an umbrella and chairs) at the corner of 12-Mile and Woodward. (Ironically that corner is probably about a half mile from a house that I had in Berkley.)

It’s a good thing that Glen didn’t set up a sign that read “Taking Pre-Orders.” That would have stopped the show.

Many Thanks to Glen Thomas

More on the Cyclops, including the Bonneville speed record runs



  1. Ron Will

    The simplicity of the Cyclops will be a continuing inspiration to all car designers, past, present and future.

  2. DrR

    Ironically, I too grew up nearby in Berkley, on Oxford Rd. One block off of Woodward Ave.
    I used to listen to all the “drags” in the summer with the bedroom window open. My version of “white noise” to fall asleep to as a kid.

  3. Andrew Minney

    That Cyclops is great! We NEED people like Stan Mott to make us smile in these rotten times!

  4. Stan Mott

    Bravo to Glenn Thomas for his magnificent display of his Cyclops in the 2021 Woodward Dream Cruise ! There couldn’t have been a better presentation of Cyclops virtues than running right along with “normal” cars. It showed just how much more road space and fun we’d have if everybody saw the light and drove a Cyclops. And they’d be able to laugh at one other, not just a singular Cyclops. Once again, Bravo, Glenn.

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