Build Your Own Cyclops!

In response to the worldwide wave of medical uncertainty, I think it’s time to accent the positive—with the Cyclops Cut Out. A nice young lady is driving accompanied by her faithful navigator.
Use the image to print a duplicate on stiff paper or light cardboard. Cut it out carefully, bend and fold the body, then bend the tabs and insert them in the indicated slots. Apply a bit of white glue on the joining body pieces, and, yes, you have a real mini Cyclops! It will go well on desks, mantles or swinging from rear view mirrors.
Something agreeable to look at when the world news comes on the air.
If you would care to send this Cyclops Cut Out to other, or potential, Cyclops enthusiasts via internet, please do. The more the merrier.
Keeping the faith,
Stan Mott
Minister of Propaganda
Automobili Cyclops SpA

Stan Mott has four stories in the recently released book,
Dean’s Garage—The Future Is Back.

Stan has been a significant contributor to Dean’s Garage over the years, and graciously allowed me to print four of his great stories in the book. His autobiography had not been previously posted on Dean’s Garage, and he created an illustration to accompany his El Mirage story. His stories are insightful, revealing, creative, and well written. A few excerpts…

Stan Mott’s Autobiography

Excerpt: But after a year I realized that if I were to “climb the corporate ladder” I’d have to swap whatever drawing skills I had for (gasp!) management skills. I would be totally dependent on the corporation for my daily bread, just the way they wanted it. But not the way I wanted it—producing and selling my own ideas to make my way, not theirs. Huge epiphany! 

The Mustang Was Conceived By…Shhh…

By Robert Cumberford (Trebor Crunchog) and Stan Mott (T. Tom Meshingear)

Excerpt: Lower level personnel were never supposed to directly address Earl, but working up his courage, Cumberford fumbled out of his taboret a sketch very much like what Earl was describing. “Like this, Mister Earl?” Startled, Earl snapped, “What’s your name, you?”
“Bob Cumberford, sir.”
“Well, Bhwab, you have any more drawings in that drawer?”
“Yes, sir.”
“Well, why aren’t they up on the wall, Bhwab?” he asked in a menacing tone.

A Kart in Jolly England

Excerpt: The answer came a few nights later while talking with a jovial, ex-Royal Air Force fighter pilot in an East Croydon pub. “You know what saved London from the Jerry Luftwaffe, when they were givin’ us their blitz in the war?” he asked. “I’ll tell you what,” he answered. “During the night, we blacked out London like the inside of a Scotchman’s wallet, an’ built fires in the swamps west of London. When the Jerrys came over, they thought the fires was ol’ London ablaze and dropped their bombs in the ruddy mud! Ha, ha, pretty good, eh?


100.44 MPH at El Mirage

Excerpt: I turned 87.21-mph. Disappointing. Talked it over with my Road Hog buddies who arrived later that day. None were making any high speed runs; they were just there for the weekend. The consensus was my engine needed more fuel, and more cylinder compression. Sonny Mussingo said I could borrow his dual carburetor manifold. Al Hall said I could borrow his milled heads, and his 7.50×16 rear tires if I wanted. I wanted.


Be Socially Responsible!

What better way to distance yourself socially, than with your very own copy of Dean’s Garage—The Future Is Back?

Supplies are unlimited! (because they are printed on demand)

So why wait? Order yours today before the current crisis is over!

  1. mark hamilton

    THAT is cool. Thanks.

  2. Don J Leblanc

    It just so happens that I seem to have some extra time on my hands…so I cut it out. It’s just perfect, thank you.

  3. Glen Thomas
    It goes together quite well. This was my quick first try just out of paper. 
    Glenn, Dayton Cyclops
  4. Stan Mott

    Ah, I should have mentioned that coloring the inside of the tires like a black tire will eliminate any notion that it’s only white paper.

  5. Kelvin Memer

    I did not have a color printer, but printed it anyway and look what happened.

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