Classiq Designer Series—Featuring Buck Mook

Before even graduating automotive design school Buck Mook already got a taste of automotive design success in a big way. Buck worked with Dean Jeffries to design the iconic Monkey Mobile while still at Art Center in Pasadena. From early childhood Buck has memories of walking through the Ford production plant with his father so when it came time to find a corporation to work for, Ford was an easy choice. Buck was credited with the design for the Mustang II along with contributions to many other iconic Ford cars. Along with being an automotive designer, Buck is also a very passionate classic car and automotive art collector..

Future videos in the series will feature Elia Russinoff, Frank Pascoe, Vince Geraci, Bill Michalak, Wayne Kady, and Bill Porter.

Video Credits: Julie Hyde-Edwards and Robert Edwards for making the videos possible, Clasiq for producing the series. Sponsored by Farmers Insurance.

Published on Dean’s Garage by permission by Charlie Rubin, Clasiq COO and Founder.

Dean’s Garage, The Future is Back release: January, 2020.

Ford Designer, Buck Mook

Designer of the Mustang II Shares Original Drawings

In the early ’70’s Lee Iacocca put together a team of young Ford designers known as the ‘Wiz Kids’. Buck Mook was one of those young designers tasked at imagining one of Fords most iconic cars, the Mustang. Of all the design sketches submitted Buck’s initial sketch was chosen from amongst all the young designers at Ford to be the starting foundation of the iconic Mustang II.

Buck Talks Design Styling Models

Collecting cars is not just about owning the actual cars, its about collecting and remembering a specific time in history. Buck didn’t stop when his garage was full or when there was no more room left to hang art on his walls. Buck owns one of the largest collections of manufacturing styling models. These plaster cast scale model car designs were used in house to help decide with color combos and different package designs for the styling designers. The cars would be used to showcase upcoming color, interior, and trim combinations for the next model year.

Henry Ford II’s Ford

This dark navy car sitting behind Buck is rare… Some may even think that this beautiful flathead car is European, but its not. Its actually a Ford and this particular Ford was not just owned by anyone but was the personal car for Henry Ford II. This Ford is a one-of-one hand built custom on a Facel Vega body built specifically for Henry Ford II. Buck was lucky enough to acquire this car during his first month of work for the Ford Motor Company. bought for just $800.

  1. I’ve known Buck’s name for 20 years because of his Comete. I looked for years to find a nice Comete to do a restomod. It never happened, but that’s how I learned of Buck and his car. I also went to Art Center, and spent a good part of my career at Mattel Toys, working on Hot Wheels. I’d like to meet him and show him my own cars.

  2. Buck,

    A great guy, so much fun and a car guy through and through. I wish that I lived closer to him so that I could see him more often. He is usually at Pasteiner’s on Saturday and I always look for him.

    Dick Ruzzin

  3. Glen Dirmisevich

    These videos are great. With each one I learn a little more about all my designer friends I’ve known for years. While at CCS I first met Buck. He would talk about some of the future Fords he was working on, do a little sketch then crumple it up and out it in his pocket so it didn’t get out. A great car collection in the garage and great automotive illustration collection in the house. Fun stuff Buck.

  4. Great look at a bit of your collection and hear the stories that make it special. Good to see that you are still keen on design and cars.

  5. Bill Warner

    Great coverage of a great guy. You won’t find anybody more passionate about design than Buck. Thanks for showcasing him.

  6. Antony Grade

    Thank you for this coverage of a true automobile enthusiast! I worked with Buck at Ford Design for many years, both in the UK and Germany. I also visited Buck many times in the US, both in New Jersey and Michigan, and can recall his amazing car collection and automobile memorabilia.
    A truly great guy!

  7. Interesting videos of a very interesting designer that I have had the pleasure of meeting several times. Buck is a car guy’s car guy.

  8. Walter Gomez

    A great series of interviews!

    Our 1976 ACCD project was to redesign the Mustang II using the then new Fiesta chassis under the direction of Fritz Mayhew and ACCD’s Keith Teter, Head of Industrial Design. I still have the full-size Fiesta package blue line, perspective blue lines of the Mustang II that Ford provided, along with my renderings, sketches, and full-size tape drawing.

  9. Pete Montero

    Just came across this… I was immensely fortunate to meet Buck while he taught at Art Center… But, more than that, I was thrilled when he landed in Hiroshima shortly after I landed at Mazda. If there’s a person who was responsible for my remaining sane so far from home, while there (I was there for a year and a half), it’s Buck.

    Therein lies the great lesson in someone as special as Buck. You’d never know or attribute a social status from how Buck treats other people. He clearly isn’t about showing others up. Even now, back in Michigan, Buck acts like I’m a peer when, in reality, I will never see myself that way, as much as it would be an honor to be his peer. He’s just a great guy whose work, as high quality and significant as it is, is actually the bonus to meeting him.

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