On January 28, 2011, a memorial service was held in the honor of Charles M. Jordan at the General Motors Heritage Center in Detroit. Donald Wood III was kind enough to allow his photos of the event to be posted on Dean’s Garage. Also available for download is the event handout in Acrobat format. (Right click and select “Save As” or “Set Target As” to download the brochure to your computer. When opened from your computer, the brochure will open as spreads.) I made an attempt to caption the photos in the gallery. Corrections are welcome! (Thanks to George Camp and Kim Boose for help with captions.)

  1. I am basing my judgment and negative comments purely on the photos accompanying this article. No disrespect intended, but all the bald pates in the audience tell me that this was a gathering of the senior, geriatric crowd. Question: Where were all the young, hotshot, Transportation Design graduates from Art Center and The Center for Creative Studies; those very graduates who are now in lucrative senior design positions around the globe?! Why were they not in the audience to pay homage to this automotive design master? They are where they are because they are standing on the shoulders of a giant. I hope they are ashamed for not having attended this memorial service.

  2. allen ornes

    This was very fine coverage of such a special event for all of us interested in design. So many people who have been involved all these years were there. Thanks.

  3. We will all miss the the Chrome Cobra. Goodbye Chuck.

  4. Daniel Rodriguez Escobar

    There is a photo that is titled Mark Jordan and ? That is none other than Kuni Ito. He worked at the Opel studio and contributed greatly for the Opel look of the 1980’s along with such big names as Hideo Kodama . He then returned to Japan and designed many famous vehicles including the supercar Jiotto Caspita and products like the Cannon T 90. Now he teaches at CCS. I had the priviledge to work with him at Jiotto design Kyoto and Ford Studio in Hiroshima.

  5. christopher dowdey

    WOW! What a cool event…I was really humbled by the buzz and admiration for this man. I worked at ASC Design specialty vehicle group for 30 years and we had the privileged of working with many great designers from the GM culture. BUT….Whenever Mr Jordon came into our house at ASC….Mr. Prechter and our Design team always went to a very high level presentation. He just commanded that you be at your very best and it was really inspiring. Mr. Jordon seemed to have the command of the studio (project) so to speak…but he was approachable and engaging with the whole team. A Great Designer and Leader!

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