Michael Lamm’s post on the “Chrysler” Streamliner created quite a response from many Dean’s Garage readers—clippings from Magazines and photos.


The gallery of images is from Geoff Hacker of Forgotten Fiberglass.

  1. Rick Sorgen

    Awesome addtions to the story!! So where is it today???

  2. Stan Mott

    Dang! I kept proposing those doors in the Oldsmobile Studio in ’54 but no one would buy ’em.

  3. CJ

    Great that this has survived the years, amazingly. Did anyone notice the feet when opening the door were already on the ground!!

  4. Rogerio Machado

    Really a serious “carqueologist” work. Congratulations.

  5. JJ

    Always enjoyed, but . . now with Jack Armstrong?
    It jus’ don’t get no bedder’n’iss, y’know?

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