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Product endorsements on Dean’s Garage are rare. So rare, in fact, that this is the first since the site’s launch in March, 2009. (This is not a paid endorsement.)

I bought a 1989 Turbo Trans Am in 2001 that had marks on the rear bumper caused by the car at some point not having been pulled into the garage far enough to clear the hinge on the garage door. I was determined never to let that happen again. A few years ago, in spite of my diligence, a hinge kissed the bumper on my ’01 Z06. That has since prompted many trips to the back of the car with an opener in hand to check clearance as the door descends.

I was considering designing something myself, until I ran across David Winderle’s site, bumperhero.com.


From David Winderle:

BumperHero was created by a father / son team, and designed to eliminate damage to a vehicle’s bumper, or lift gate, caused by a metal garage door hinge coming in contact with the vehicle.

If someone fails to pull far enough into their garage a lower garage door hinge can come into contact with their vehicle, leaving a long scratch on a bumper upon closing the garage door. A similar situation can happen to SUV’s and Minivans, if the lift gate is raised into a garage door hinge or if the lift gate is not lowered before closing the garage door.

Conventional garage door sensors do not address the situation that BumperHero addresses.

Most customers only need two BumperHeros if they have a two car garage at a cost of approximately $7.00 each. While we hope no one ever needs a BumperHero it could save someone a costly future body shop expense of approximately $800 (trust me ).


From BumperHero.com:

BUMPERHERO prevents bumper scratches, scuffs, scrapes, and damage caused by your garage door hinge closing on the bumper. It you want to avoid putting scratches in your bumper, BUMPERHERO can help. If you have closed your garage door on your bumper in the past, BUMPERHERO can prevent the bumper from being damaged in the future. If you have accidentally opened your power lift gate or hatch into your garage door, BUMPERHERO can help. Our soft urethane won’t scratch your hatch when it makes contact with the garage door. If you want to prevent a scratched liftgate, our product works great.


Check it out. BumperHero.com.

If you buy a BumperHero, let them know that you heard about it on Dean’s Garage.


Bumper Hero would have prevented this garage door hinge damage.

No tools required. All you need is a garage door.

Comes with an adapter for garage doors with narrower hinges.

  1. Webb C.

    Just bought two. Way cheaper than a paint job.

  2. James E. (Jed) Duvall

    Great idea !

  3. Howard Norup

    yep… been there… done that… ruined my day… good idea.

  4. robert hare

    I raised the photo cells up now the door will not come down if the car is not backed in properly, I was tired of repairing the front plate being dammaged

  5. Charles Pleier

    Ordered a 10-pack. Damage like this cost me $700 to a tailgate years ago. Thanks, Dean!

  6. Wayne Kady

    My Wife’s 1998 Buick Regal was a victim of the sectional garage hinges leaving a gash in the bumper cover , and I was thinking of a solution like Bumper Hero but never followed thru but wondered what kind of market volume potential there might be? I wish that father and son great success.

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