1. Simply lovely work!

  2. Fotios

    Nostalgic stuff…nice!

  3. Nicholas Maxim

    An immensely talented artist. True Rocket Powered stuff!

  4. Don Leblanc

    I just love the old school stuff. It shows the optimism of the times, anything was possible …

  5. Michael Dowd

    Thanks Bob. I like it: Low, wide, long; ready for take-off; ready for battle. You did good work! Mike

  6. Heartfelt thanks Gary for carrying designer’s creations! Wonderful history of an era. These are a very pleasant surprise: I don’t recall creating ANY of them! Who submitted them? Does he/she have more; I wish they had the final Red T-Bird and Green Galaxy 500 renderings that did strongly influence the ’64 production versions.
    Upon examining these, I did find that six are not mine (left side numbers): #’s 04, 23 are Lincoln production studio front end studies – was never in that studio.
    Number’s 15, 24. Look closely on one and see “Mashigan ’54.” That would be Chuck Mashigan. And I was with Loewy at Studebaker in 1954.
    Falcon sketches # 06,14 have duplicate white squiggles beginning with an H or M? which presumably identify the designer.

    In “Bob Marcks, Designer at Studebaker, Ford and Chrysler” (Part 1) the two Silver cars are part of this period. The lighter print version’s rear quarter led up to the production ’64 Galaxy 500’s rear quarter – with it’s chrome accent a predecessor to the front end’s headlamp projectile’s chrome trim. The final Green four-door rendering became practically a blueprint.
    The Red T-Bird drawing was released as a teaser preview to the press for the ’64-Bird. Unfortunately the only reproduction of it I saw was in Motorcade in black and white. I tried to emulate Art Fitzpatrick’s amazing technique. I feel that even with the modest success I had in doing so may have sold them. (If you look at Bing’s “Bob Marcks” and “Images” you can spot the b/w side elevation drawing of the T-Bird preview sketch I copied from the magazine.

  7. Rosewoodantiques

    These were all sold in the Fall of 2020 at an estate sale in the Detroit Metro area. I bought the Marcks side view of the Ford Falcon in rust red colors, as well as a Mashigan not pictured. Wish I could have bought them all!

  8. David

    Hello, I happen to have at least two of these drawings. Trying to get a better idea of what car my pictures influenced or the story behind them? In particular the 7th and 11th picture down on the left side? I suspect the 1961-63 T-Birds but not sure. Dave / Metro Detroit

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