1. e55

    great story! too bad there’s so little room for the independent drivers these days…

  2. A great piece on a great driver.

    Bill Warner (70 and still racing)

  3. Michael A. Greer

    Great video and story! I remember his name, he always competed… so I guess I was a fan of his. Good to know the inside story. I too like blue collar guys, and that slogan above the door of his shop.

  4. Java Junky

    Once again much obliged Gary.
    If not for you and Dean’s Garage I’d’ve missed out on some pretty spectacular stuff.

  5. pat kelley

    That my friends, is the real deal…great story, great guy…

  6. Clark LIncoln

    Great story and I can identify with – my current race car was built in 1971 and I was 71 when I bought it and started developing it – so I put the number 71 on it. That was 2 years ago and I’m still at it… and gettin’ a bit quicker every race weekend.

  7. Ed "Stretch" Overton

    Back in the 70’s, I worked in NASCAR Grand National. I was with James Hylton. At the age of 79, James is finally retiring. I knew Dave and his Mopars, back in the day. I especially remember his wingtip shoes. He was a good Man. We all got along good together. It was a fun time,but the hardest I ever worked.

  8. Luiz


  9. Great story on a legend and someone I have a lot of respect for. However Alan Kulwicki was the last person to win a race with his ‘own’ engine, I know he wasn’t the builder per-se but they were built in-house.

  10. Phillip E. Payne

    It was my great good fortune to spend a day with Dave Marcis, Dick Trickle, and Richard Petty at the Michigan International Speedway. No race that day. We were in the garages and these guys were trying out some Chrysler products for the Company out on the track.

    It started to rain and someone said to Dave Marcis that his car windows were down. He ran outside, through the downpour, jumped in his Plymouth sedan and fired it up. He laid rubber, came flying down the alley, and did a four wheel drift sideways through the door into the garage and jumped out. We all laughed like crazy.

    Dick Trickle must have said something wrong because he picked him up and folded him backside first into a 55 gallon trash can. More laughter!

    One more point; Dave Marcis always wore brown wingtip shoes when he drove in races and it makes me wonder how few of us found that out.

    What terrific down to earth guys!

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