Great driver interviews and racing action. It’s amazing to me how humble the drivers seem to come across. They were all there: Bruce McLaren, Denny Hulme, Jim Hall, Mark Donohue, Geroge Follmer, Sam Posey, Peter Revson, Jerry Grant, Lothar Motschenbacher, Dan Gurney, Chris Ammon, John Surtees, Roger McCluskey, Mario Andretti, Charlie Hayes, Chuck Parsons, John Cannon, Jerry Hansen, Skip Scott, Skip Barber, and others.

Sharp-eyed Dean’s Garage readers have no doubt noticed the clear blister in the middle of the pace car’s hood. That is a 1967 Camaro Cherokee. The blister shows off a Mark IV 396 complete with four dual weber downdrafts. Photos below the video.

Start the video at the beginning if it starts somewhere else.

1967 Camaro Cherokee

  1. Pops

    Those were the days, eh? Unlimited racing at it’s very best. Do I see a second Chaparral with a hideously large Simonize rear spoiler? I thought most updates Jim Hall ran were on converted old chassis. It looks like a modified 2C.
    —The other car with the wing is a Caldwell D7 driven by Sam Posey, Sponsored by Hudson Wire. You can find information on all the cars in the race at Racing Sports Cars.—Dean’s Garage

  2. Michael Greer

    ’67 was my first Elkhart race. Love this course. I drove my ’65 Triumph Spitfire there a year later in ’68, in an SCCA sponsored event. I can’t remember what class I raced in but I took a first in either G or H, like a go-kart in the corners, ah. The MacLarens were so impressive in this race, The fans really enjoyed the day, as did my buddy and I, down from Marquette, MI. Thanks for showing this (I couldn’t find myself in the audience, ha).

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