And other Bruce McCall craziness.

  mccall-humbley Humbley-Pudge Gallipoli Heavyish Bomber. "Four Varley 'Panjandrum' motors screwed her up to a cruising altitude several feet over the legal minimum of the day." Read the rest of the copy in the gallery.     mccall-caproni If you like Stan Mott, you'll like Bruce McCall. I'd seen his work published in magazines from time to time, then a number of years ago I ran across a copy of Bruce McCall's Zany Afternoons. If you can find a copy, it's well worth it. Articles include Zany Afternoons (which included such stories as "Blindfold the Flying Boat Pilot"), Mementos and Memories of the 1936 Cairo World's Fair; R.M.S.'Tyrannic;' Somewhere East of Laramie; That Fabulous Battle of Britton; My Own Stamp Album; 1934 Bulgemobile Airdreme (The new cars that say, "Get out of my way!";  Wir Fliegen Nach Amerika mid dem Zeppelin; Major Howdy Bixby's Album of Forgotten Warbirds; Popular Workbench; 1946 Bulgemobiles (New from the Tires Down); The Glory of Their Hindsight; Swillmart (Where Quality is a Slogan;" Soviet-Mechnod-Foto Hello (The Jolly Friendship Magazine of Science in the Modern USSR); 1958 Bulgemobile; and The Adventures of the Hotel Throckmorton. ISBN 0-7607-1699-4.  
  1. Jack Marchese

    Yet again you come up with the goods.

  2. Bruce is a genius—or…

    Gary, I doubt many designers (creatives) would have the courage to submit against Bruce.

  3. I may have forgotten the Playmate of the Month’s features, but i never forgot these crazy plane designs that appeared in a copy of Playboy back in the 60s. Brilliant Bruce McCall. Thanks for the good memories.

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