Stan Mott kept us going with his outrageous cartoons and great artwork. I’m appreciative of being able to post some of his artwork on Dean’s Garage from time to time. So that we don’t take life too seriously.



From Dark Roasted Blend:

It’s hard to summarize Stan Mott’s interests in a few words. The man is brilliant and has done some really amazing things like ride a go-cart around the world!! Here is an info that appeared in the Road & Track magazine, June 1979:
“It’s impossible to type the zany, crazy Mott (who lives on a yacht—sometimes), one of our readers’ favorite cartoonists/writers and co-founder of Automobili Cyclops, the firm that rocketed to fame in its first appearance in R&T in 1957. When we asked Stan to tell us about his life, he said,

“Well, I escaped Flint, Michigan at an early age, owned 50-percent interest in a Cragar flathead A-bone roadster at 12, ran at El Mirage at 15, had first automotive cartoons published in Rosetta Timing Association’s program in 1948. Went to Art Center College, developed sense of humor working in World’s Greatest Rolling Clown Show (GM Styling Section). Then worked as fry cook, mercenary, airline pilot, art director of R&T, farmer, Wall Street broker, poet. Drove go kart around the world, became an Alpine guide, did freelance art work and smuggled. Helped found Automobili Cyclops SpA and hold position of propaganda minister in perpetuity. Now working philantropically to solve moral situations in Southern Mediterranian waters for the U.N.”

Stan refuses to talk about his CIA work, arctic exploration or his stint as a human cannon ball.”


Modern Mechanics by Stan Mott. Published in Road & Track, January, 1987. Posted here by permission.

Gallery Instructions: Start at the first image in the gallery to view the cartoon in order.

  1. “I always loved Stan Mott’s humor and talent, particularly the “Pignatelli”. Attached is a “spoof” shot with Rob Walker on the watches, an me in Stan Mott’s Cyclops at the U.S. Grand Prix at Watkins Glen sometime in the late ’70s, ’78 I think. Unfortunately, I was not able to qualify the car, hence missed the big show. I was then released from my contract, never to race F1 again.”

  2. Walter Gomez

    Looks like a Lotus 79 in the background!

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