10/17/2017. I bought a pair of very ’60s Roydot brushed aluminum racing mirrors, but they weren’t sufficiency adjustable to be able to use on the passenger side. Then I bought a pair of ’70s GM sport mirrors, but they wouldn’t work either. The problem was, I wanted the mirrors to actually be functional! After much research, I purchased these carbon fiber mirrors from Rodd at Aero Straight Racing Mirrors. They are very high quality with a very secure mounting system. There are two screws that attach the mount to the outside of the door. A swivel is tightened from the inside of the door for adjustment of the stem. The housing can be pivoted and tightened from the top of the housing. I made plates that are now glued to the inside of the doors so that the mirrors can be removed for adjustment (if necessary) without accessing the inside of the door (which may not be possible with the glass installed). I’ll adjust the mirrors before installing the glass. Both mirrors are convex and very clear.


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