3/26/2011. Astute readers will remember the comments about the ACI front, and how its short comings would come back to haunt me. Well, I kept staring at the front and realized that the plan view of the front from the wheel opening to the door was a bit hollow. The plan view of the mid year Corvette has a pinched waist, coke bottle shape. There is no way the bad plan view could be corrected with body filler because of the three vertical slots in the lower part of the fenders. So I slit the fender and pried it apart using a length of angle iron attached to the fender ahead of the slit, and the door. Then using screws I forced the fender shape to conform to the correct plan view. Supports were screwed to the body to keep the new shape from moving. Then the front was flipped over, and the slot filled with fiberglass, and finished on the inside. A few tense hours wondering if it would work as I hoped.

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