See Helen Hutchings’ Dean’s Garage Review on


See Helen Hutchings’ Dean’s Garage Review on


See Helen Hutchings’ Dean’s Garage Review on



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GSL FBCG Exhibit

John Jacobus




Back in Print!




Back in Print
Michael Lamm has reprinted 500 copies of A Century of Automotive Style in hardcover. 9×12,308 pages, ISBN 0-932128-07-6. Available through Michael Lamm.

Michael Lamm has reprinted 500 copies of A Century of Automotive Style in hardcover. Available through Michael Lamm. ISBN 0-932128-07-6.


See Helen Hutchings’ Dean’s Garage Review on

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Dean’s Garage

Dean’s Garage Posts Featuring Dick Ruzzin

Photo: Gary Smith, Dean’s Garage

ValentineV1 Savvy, Serial number S19690014

I recently purchased a six-month-old Valentine V1 that came with the Savvy unit. The Savvy works perfectly, but the OBD plug in my C5 Corvette points straight down underneath the steering column, and that location places the Savvy in an inconvenient and vulnerable position.

Note that the serial number ends in 14, the latest version. Original box included.

Here’s your opportunity to try one at nearly half price. Valentine V1 wants $69 plus at least $14 shipping.

The Savvy will be carefully packaged and shipped promptly.


From ValentineV1’s website:

So you can keep your attention where it belongs, SAVVY turns down the volume of V1’s alerts automatically at low speeds. SAVVY has just one control, a thumb wheel to set a speed threshold. Below your set point, the audio comes through on V1’s Muted Volume (set this with V1’s Control Lever). Above the threshold you hear the normal loudness you’ve set with the V1’s Control Knob.

SAVVY stays nearly out of sight down near your steering column where it serves as V1’s power source. It replaces the Lighter Adapter or, in “hiddenwire” installations, the Direct-wire Power Adapter. Just plug SAVVY into the OBD diagnostic port, standard on every new car and light truck built since January 1, 1996. Then plug V1’s power cord into one of two RJ-11 jacks (the other works with the Concealed Display or other V1 accessories). The thumbwheel has eight setting between 15 and 65 mph. Choose one, or select AUTO, which mutes all alerts, or choose NONE to eliminate automatic muting.

SAVVY is ideal for those who want to hide V1’s power cord. Two wire clips and a beaded tie strap are included to secure the power cord to V1. SAAVY fits in the palm of your hand and weights just 2.2 ounces. Black only.

NOTE:   SAVVY draws a small current from the car battery even with the ignition switched off.   Use caution in vehicles with weak batteries, or that go for long periods without being driven.  Click here for a list of cars with SAVVY compatibility issues.



Hi Gary,

Still enjoying the site. Really liked the article on the Vauxhall XVR. Attaching some images of it that I shot at Goodwood 2013.

I attended the Fisher Body Craftsman Guild reunion at Art Center last October, it was great to meet some designers who I’d always heard about.
I was showing a couple of my Dad’s models, so felt a little out of it compared to the guys that participated and won the contests. I wanted to attend to honor my Dad.

Take care,









Bill Molzon sent these Cadillac proposals from a 2008 League event.

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