Illustrations accompanying the New York Times article published August 26, 2007. It was about the show entitled Designing an Icon, Creativity, and the American Automobile that was held at the Louisville Visual Art Association in Kentucky. Bill Porter was interviewed for the article, and the sketches were published online. You can read the article by clicking on this link.


Pontiac proposal by Roger Hughet.


Dodge Chargers by Bob Hubbach.

GTO Judge proposal by George Camp.


Chevelle back proposal end by Don Wood.


Futuristic Buick concept by Bill Porter.


John Perkins’ Chevrolet proposal.


This looks like a shot from a first floor GM Design Staff studio.


A shot from a platform studio where the cars were being engineered after styling release.

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  1. Ron Will

    Ahhhhh……. I can smell the Flow Master inks used to spray the full size air brush renderings mixed with the Chavant slightly sulphurous hot clay smells now. . . all prized memories.

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