03/21/2018. Laying out the stripe. I think i’m going to wrap the stripe around the nose, but I have to stop the stripe n the back deck and not continue it to the bottom of the car, even though that would look much better. The reason is that the rear end, at some time in the past, had been improperly repaired, and the panel with the taillights, bumper fillers, and license plate pocket is offset .6-inch from centerline. Stripe edges between the bumper fillers and the license plate pocket would draw attention to the offset. I didn’t notice it until I was too far along on the body preparation to fix it. Which is probably a good thing, because fixing it would have been a very time consuming challenge.

Two factors are determining the width of the stripe. The first is to not have to two-tone the cowl vents. More importantly, however, is to not let the edges of the stripe to get too close to the edges of the headlight openings, Those edges aren’t parallel to centerline because the flip around headlights had to actually articulate. So if the stripe was too close, the angles would be noticeable.


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