9/11/2017. I finally figured out a way to make the fuel filler with the LeMans gas gap real. The problem was installing the extension without removing the tank. So the technique is using a 9″ 1/18-inch Allen wrench and reach down from the top mounting surface to install the screws that attache the neck to the tank. The cap mount attaches to the top flange with blind steel fasteners crimped to the flange.

I had 245/50R16 BFG G-Force Sports mounted to the 15 X 8 American Torq-Thrust Ds, but they were too big. I had extensively measured, but when the mounted tires settled, they were just way too close to the fender edge on the front. So I backed off to 225/55R16 which were .65 inches narrower per side, and about .3 inch shorter. They fit perfectly. I appreciate Discount Tire working with me to dial in the right size.


  1. Karl

    Stumbled across deansgarage. Reading about this vette. Impressive work ! Many years invested and it’s looking like it will be a beauty.

  2. Tom Semple

    Looking good. Love the gas cap.

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