7/4/2017. Photo shoot of the car to date. Besides the door rebuilding, I’ve been studying on selecting tires to mount on the 16×8 American Torq-Thrust D wheels purchased for the car seven years ago.


  1. Tom Semple


    Great looking job! The interior being sparce and unpainted in areas is extra nice, and I’m sure it took a lot more work finishing the rough floor pan for paint than just carpeting over it.

    The car looked pretty good when you got it. It had been modified, painted a seductive red, but who can know what lies beneath surfaces just slightly askew, perhaps not noticed by many, or how much effort it may take to get them straightened away. One thing you undoubtedly knew: it’s not going to be easy!

    You have done as much work for seemingly small changes as for big ones. But all the effort, big and small, ultimately comes together as a whole piece of good design; not totally original perhaps, but in the vision of your own designer/enthusiasts eye.

    We’ll never know how much work this took; only you can know that, but these photos, as an album, help us to understand how you are bringing this fine Corvette back to life.


    Tom Semple

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