6/13/2017. More body work is the next step. I put the car on stands, covered the suspension bits with plastic, and built a skirt out of plastic cardboard from Home Depot. The interior and engine was also covered and sealed off. Super Build and Finish Sand were used to add sandable surface, and the surfaces were blocked. This process was repeated several times. The main design line running around the car needed to be tweaked (and still isn’t quite right), so the lower surface was extended with filler here and there, a line established, and then the upper surface was sanded down to the line. Another problem that ACI left me was that the hood doesn’t fit the front very well. The hood was high in the center, and low in the front corners, and a bit high in the center near the fenders. I got the front of the hood to line up pretty well in front by forcing the front up in at the peak. The low corners were blended in with filler. That worked, but I damaged the hood a bit cutting through the filler. All fixed now.


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