3/26/2017. I didn’t want to attempt to start the car not knowing if the rebuilt Holley carburetor would work OK. So temporarily replaced the Holley on the ’71 with the rebuilt carburetor. Good thing I did, because it kept flooding in spite of my best efforts. I had yet another Holley that I had set up years earlier for the ’71 as an emissions carburetor (long story). I re-jetted that one and put it on the ’71, and it worked fine. So that one went on the ’65. The engine builder told me to break the cam in by running it at about 2500 RPM for 20 minutes using Joe Gibbs break-in oil. I also installed two FilterMags on the oil filter to trap metallic particles that would not be caught by the oil filter and continue to circulate in the oil. Before starting it, I removed the distributor and turned the oil pump with an adapter and a drill to circulate oil through the engine. With everything hooked up and the fans on, I hit the starter. It fired immediately and ran great. What a relief. A poor phone video can be watched on YouTube.


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