4/29/2016. Big day. Engine is ready to be picked up. Shots of the roller rockers and head porting. I let Greg install the heads so he could get it the way he wanted it. I installed the intake, 11″ Center Force clutch, and transmission. I had to buy a new bell housing. The engine came with a iron flywheel that was resurfaced and reused, but it had a 12″ clutch and a bell housing (which was slightly damaged) from a truck. The big round hole in the end was too big for the Muncie, and that alignment is important. Note that I put the shift linkage on upside down. Bill Boudreau of ZR51 Performance went through the transmission. He is a Corvette ZF transmission expert. It wasn’t in too bad of shape, but we replaced some gears and the syncros. Spoiler alert! I’ve read that the Center Force clutch can chatter until it’s broken in, but I haven’t noticed any after driving the car.


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