9/13/2014. Seats. Didn’t have any. There were several immediate contenders including Corbeau A4s. I had seen A4s in a couple of autocross Corvettes at GoodGuys. They did fit in the C2, and Corbeau made seat tracks, but they are massive and dominated the cockpit. I bought what I thought were A4s on Craigslist, but it turned out that they were similar, but much cheaper seats. I was fooled because they came with Corbeau brackets. Well, they were too big and wouldn’t fit. I didn’t know that they weren’t A4s until I went to sell them. At a loss.

Allan Flowers donated a pair of fiberglass CRC shells and supports that came with a kit car he put together that he didn’t use. I mocked them up and seriously considered using them. I worked on upholstery designs, but in the end before I paid someone a considerable sum to create the upholstery and the high probability that I wouldn’t be happy with the result, I opted to wait and keep looking. More about seats later.

Notice in these shots the patches in the floor, especially the large ones around the differential areas. These were pretty big holes. I’m guessing a U-joint must have failed at one time.

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