9/22/2011. Several things. I fixed the line through the front and the top surfaces, but the surfaces underneath the chin were not straight. That was harder to fix. Glass had to be added inside the nose to increase thickness because too much material needed to be removed to fix the problem. I set up the rail again to check progress. During this time I also fabricated a gas tank filler extension with the intention of attaching a LeMans gas cap. That was difficult to figure out the angles. In the end I couldn’t use it, because I later changed the way the car sits on the frame. The tank bolts to the frame, so the relationship of the body to the frame changed. Also in this group of photos are photos of the rear body work. It’s hard to see in the photos, but it’s all cobbled together as well. The surfaces are pretty good, though, so I didn’t have to replace any panels. However, I did blend in the replacement rear valence because a stock replacement wouldn’t fit properly. The opening in the lower part of the body was not right. Also notice that there blue tape lines around the three vertical slots on the front fenders. The slots weren’t straight, and would have to be fixed. Thanks, ACI.

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