This gallery of images more or less shows the design process in sequence from sketch to a roll around hard model. The photos reveal quite a bit of detail about techniques and tools used when I was at GM before computers completely took over. I don’t know or remember everybody that is pictured in the photos, so I’d appreciate help identifying people.


Ted Polak sketching up some new styles.


  1. Glen Durmisevich

    Way cool site!!! The second sketch was done by John Mack, maybe the third also (not sure). Bob Munson is sitting down doing the tape drawing (tiring work at times) and Mark Kaski is standing and taping (not as many lines yet). Along with John Cafaro at the buck is Gene Meso, Chief Sculptor, standing on the left and Designer Kirk Bennion is sitting in it.

    Hey, why is Ted Polak sketching real time on paper? It’s all virtual now!


  2. Ben Salvador

    The guy working on the wood model looks like a young Ken Parkinson to me.

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